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Have a Great Time in Eskiciler

About 7 years ago to start wisdom ...

Eskiciler Mansion, after desolation, all the rain, wind, and even partial fire, despite all the cases, from past to present, standing up to the front with the claim of reaching the front, that was in front of our eyes. After a short period of time, Egirdir faces a little more melting, and the story of the mansion has become visible with sadness. In such a transition, the afternoon view. Can we do it? Can we get up?

As a result, we began to mire in decision-making lengths and tiring, although this did not result in the theft of the mansion.

We, in this regard, changed the region of Eğirdir into peninsula, the big tables of large families, open-air weddings between the neighborhood, now can not return to the open-air cinema and the change to change the consciousness of the old, with the new face of the old, we have the new story ...